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Humans Were Meant to Eat Insects, So Here's How to Try Them Out

Yep, you're hardwired to digest crickets, beetles, and other bugs, according to a new study

Crunchy cricket tacos anyone? If the idea sounds stomach-turning, consider new research that shows humans are meant to eat bugs. Well, insects to be exact.

Rutgers researchers found that insects were the food of choice for our early primate ancestors and that we 21st century humans — among other modern day primates — are still made to eat and digest termites, crickets, beetles, and their ilk.

“There are a lot of differences in how primates eat. Some eat more insects, some more fruits and leaves. We were interested in what our ancestors were feeding on and seeing how primates have evolved,” study lead author Mareike Janiak, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Anthropology at Rutgers University told Men’s Health. She and colleagues from Kent State University recently published their findings in Molecular Biology and Evolution.......

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