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Ulu / Breadfruit Benefits:


- Almost half the daily recommended fiber value in one serving. High fiber diets can reduce hypertension, the risk of high blood pressure, and other heart disease issues.

- More than 100% of the vitamin C you need each day, It contains a great number of antioxidants and exhibits anti-inflammatory activity within the body that boosts your immunity, both of which also help with the prevention of disease.

- A study from the University of British Columbia states that Ulu is rich in and contains a full spectrum of essential amino acids. Amino acids (proteins) are the building blocks of your body & create the structure of your body's cells. These transport nutrients & support major bodily systems.

- Can help with Oxidative Stress

- Has more than 30% of the daily recommended of potassium

- High in magnesium & Vit A

- Low-medium GIcemic Index

- Contains resistant starches (prebiotics)

- Rich in antioxidants,copper, thiamine, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and niacin

- In baking, this gluten free flour can often substitute 1 cup of Ulu flour for 1 cup of wheat flour. Because its gluten-free, you may sometimes need to pair Ulu flour with wheat, almond or other flours. It is great for fritters, dumplings, thickening stews, and puddings. There are numerous culinary uses for this 100% gluten-free flour.


We recommended 1 tsp per serving to BOOST smoothies, oatmeals, yogurts, etc

You can also use it like a flour when cooking and baking.


Find more of the benefits at:


Ulu (Breadfruit) Powder

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