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- Rich in magnesium, zinc, protein, Vitamin C, E, and B vitamins

- Anti-inflammatory / Boost Immune System

- Helps with stress and fatigue

- Good for skin health

- Anti-bacterial

- Liver-protective

- Mood boosting

- Rich in antioxidants


• 25x Iron than spinach

• 17x calcium than milk

• 15x potassium than bananas

• 10x vitamin A than carrots

• 9x protein than yogurt

• 4x chlorophyll than wheat grass


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How to Use: 1/4 - 1 tsp per serving


Use it in sparking water, jucies, smoothies, oatmeal, smoothies, rice, stews, soups, and so much more!

Daily Boost your meal with real food that has no fillers or sweetners. Pure 100% Moringa.

Moringa Powder

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